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The Easter holidays have arrived, the children require attention and my mind is distracted! Two days in I have a meeting with all the team, including Chris, about progress on the garden. I bring everything as well as a list of questions. It seems we are now down to the finer details of the build logistics and whether I have enough of the right plants growing on, so once home I order some more. A useful tip I have been given is one third ‘performance plants’ to two thirds ‘working plants’.

I am now regularly checking on the growing ‘green wall’ progress which is actually growing a little too well and rooting into the ground where it sits. So I give it all a ‘hair cut’ (quite therapeutic really!) and attach dark sheeting to the wall to protect these shade loving plants from the strong sun that we have been experiencing.

I am a little concerned about the health of the digitalis (which is a key plant in my scheme for Chelsea) that I have growing on. So they are resourced and in the mean time I have another batch of 40 potted up in a local nursery. I find some large native ferns and more young Betula Nigra potentially to create a grouping in the forground of my Chelsea design, to give the centre a more enclosed woodland feeling.

The woods at home is now in full flow. The blue bells are starting to colour up and yellow  Lesser celandines (Ranunculus ficaria) open on sunny days in the damper areas. The white flowered Wood Anemone (Anemone nemorosa) are so beautiful and delicate ,and seem to enjoy growing in similar conditions to Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella); such a small delicate flower and simple leaf. I am just as excited this year to see how the wood flora is changing as I normally am about my own garden! The big change is that I did’nt have a dog this time last year, but her energy has forced me out and I now can’t wait to get walking to see whats growing in my local countryside, (most of the time anyway!)