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I spent a busy few days planting up 1100 octagonal sections of ‘Bod pave’ having stapled capillary matting to the reverse side to help retain the soil and moisture. To do this I used 9cm plants and divided each one into 3 so that these shallow fast rooting plants can rapidly spread a mat of green to create the desired green wall effect. My local garden centre have very kindly offered me space in their large ‘growing on ‘green houses which is heated and checked on daily so that is a huge help. When transported to Chelsea they will be mounted onto the curved wall vertically.

The sculpture progressed at a pace the over the last week; the blacksmith welded clever joints that slot the five sections together and hold them at the correct angle of curvature. Then we hired a platform so that we could work out and mark on the angles that all the metal thorns need to be welded on, to attach the Perspex ‘leaves’. As all the protective backs are still on the Perspex it is hard to see the finished effect but I am pleased it has worked out as planned. We make some small adjustments to angles and take it down to store it until the show.

I also spend another day re writing the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Brief. A lot has changed since the first draft was written last September, when the design was not as thoroughly worked through as it is now. So I spend some time carefully thinking through the changes and how to word them to answer the six questions on the brief. I try to keep it simple and clear, and avoid prescribing feelings!

Visiting the show ground site is a strange experience as what I have come to think of as a large busy site is in fact a lot smaller when seen as a playing field! It is hard to imagine just how full and active this site is in less than two months time.