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A glorious sunny day which brings a really positive atmosphere to the site. We try to get as much done as possible whilst the weather is good. The contractors continue to fix the wooden wall sub structure in place which becomes narrower and lower as it sweeps down to the path, suggesting reducing energy. It is covered with two thin layers of plywood and then I mark a rough line from 2 metres down its length to ground level.

I get a bit disproportionately excited about the sun light filtering through the perspex colours as I haven’t seen them on the sculpture with the protective backings off before, and get some funny looks from my team!

I mark all the locations of the green wall sections and Bradstone Panache sections that will fit together into one big jigsaw. We start attaching a protective mesh to the plywood to act as a key to the Rapid set tile adhesive that will fix the Panache tiles in place. lastly we try out a couple of tile sections on the wall and leave to set over night. Do I have a plan ‘B’ if this doesn’t work? Mick helpfully suggest a parrot mural……