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The sun is shining and everyone seems happy to see some blue sky and a few less unplanned water features! We mark out the location of the rest of the wall to where it reaches ground level and crosses the path and after a few more dumps of soil roughly mark the sweep of the path, ready to receive MOT type 1.

However, delivering soil from the other side of the show ground and moving vehicles from our plot to the gate takes a long time as traffic is backed up and just crossing the road by my plot is a liability – no question why you need high viz here. We too cause some chaos when we are asked to move our Bradstone stock to a new location and have to drive the forklift truck against traffic seven times!

I take a quick trip to a builders merchant for wood and a powerful drill to produce the internal structure of the wall which proves quite a time waster – but at least the sun is shining……

I am really impressed with the degree of precision that my contractors, Carter Landscapes, are aiming to work to. As the seat needs to be located at just the right angle, height and width, we take our time working out the internal structure which will take the beautifully crafted bull nose seat slab. Currently we are working 200mm deeper than ground level which will allow for planting on top of the wall footings.

For the curved wall I work out the height that the wall reaches every 500mm down the curve and the team make a wooden frame to take the Bradstone product to this height. It currently looks a bit like an old fashioned roller coaster!