A safe haven

Home Portfolio This family garden compliments the new family home with areas for play, growing vegetables, entertaining, lawn and parking, as well as some attractive planting for the adults to enjoy! Elegant steps run along contemporary folding doors giving unbroken access to the garden and view. A linear pattern is being used to add interest […]

View Point

Home Portfolio A pergola was slotted into a steep site, sinking the back into the slope and raising the front on a plinth with steps up at the front. The sides were made secure with trellis, allowing for the addition of climbers and views over into the rest of the garden.

Bespoke Pergola

Home Portfolio A bold bespoke contemporary pergola was designed and sited in the sunniest corner over a patio, and strung with cables to support three varieties of wisteria. Existing Acers inspired an oriental flavour at the side of the cottage, were further contemporary arches were linked to support climbers.   Privacy was improved with pleached […]

Oriental Influence

Home Portfolio The owner of this newly refurbished home needed a calm place to ‘chill’ in the garden, as well as room for children to play. The back of the house is divided by two dark minimal ‘pergolas’ and oriental inspired screens. They create three separate areas overlooked by three rooms, but are all linked […]

Generous curves

Home Portfolio A design that combated a two metre height change, allowing a gentle stroll across the semi-circular lawn, up a curved flight of steps, through abundant Mediterranean style planting to a sunny seating area. Then on through existing mature Holly trees down a winding path through woodland planting to return to the lower level. […]

A Smart Entrance

Home Portfolio Previously a subsiding tarmac driveway with little planting, the aim was to bring some ‘garden’ into the driveway and create a clean, smart and welcoming entrance. The Arts and Crafts House was complimented with granite set curves to soften the houses’ strong lines. Topiary balls, clipped trees and shade loving planting suited the […]